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everhart. how are you? doing well. we had nice sunny breaks. not quite as dreary on this tuesday as we had on labor day but there are showers on maryland's most powerful radar. we're tracking them out to the hagerstown region, a couple of showers on the i-68 west corridor, a few showers in annapolis. there is some rain, humidity widespread. with that sun popping through the clouds, it's heated up quite a bit. the heat index, 95, feeling like 96 downtown. nearly 90 in frederick. the rest of the evening we'll fall through the 80s, a few showers. more than a few showers through the day tomorrow. more on that coming up. listen, we can take the forecast with us on the road. just head to -- abc 2
5:01 pm we had a hazmat incident in buccaneer bawfnlgt a pair of teens tried to concoct a substance they wanted to sell to other kids to get high. it prompted the evacuation of homes in the lockerbie heights neighborhood. you'll be surprised by one of the mother's reaction. >> reporter: the mother said her son posed a threat to her, himself and the community at large. neighbors became evacuees after the chemical scare on oakley road. >> had some chemicals in his basement. >> reporter: chemicals initially suspected to produce bombs or crystal meth turned out to be a huffing scheme to make a quick buck.
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>> an 18-year-old man and a 19-year-old man were mixing engine starter fluid with water, pouring it into bottles to distribute to be used for inhaling. >> reporter: is that huffing? >> yes. >> reporter: 19-year-old justin trionfo and an accomplice face distribution charges. >> if they survived that, it would be amazing. >> reporter: justin's mother, allison trionfo, said she is relieved by her own son's arrest. >> wow always wonder if you will find your son dead or in jail. so i think it's where he needs to be right now. >> reporter: trionfo said justin has a history of drug abuse and mental illness and one of his facebook messages said that he wanted to shoot up the high school,. >> he idolized the columbine
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shooters. he knows their names. he thinks its fabulous. he idolizes people that do that kind of stuff. i think in the long run he could do the same thing to a school. it scares me. >> reporter: long time neighbors have longed feared him. >> hopefully he will stay arrested. >> reporter: are you afraid of your own son? >> yeah, at times. >> reporter: police investigated the facebook posting and found no basis for an actual threat to any baltimore county school. they're holding the name of the other tee in custody until he can face formal charges. what is going on in baltimore city. we had three people killed, seven injured last night. this morning police discovered a man slumped over in the wheel of his car in the 2900 block of
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west cold spring lane. last night we had two people shot in 2600 block of boone street. someone shot on rutland, south eaton and frank ford. the public is welcome to come out to this hopeception. 15-year-old robert wayne gladden, jr. is accused of shooting a 17-year-old classmate on the first day of school. today a grand jury indicted gladden on 29 counts. the indictment includes nine counts of attempt murder, nine counts of first degree salt. nine counts of reckless endangerment. his classmates are pushing, of course, to get lady gaga to visit daniel. the board of education meeting will be at 7:00 tonight at perry
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school high school inside the cafeteria. friends and family are remembering special warfare officer patrick feeks. he died during a firefighter in afghanistan. his casket was flown to dover avenues base yesterday. a viewing will be tonight from 6 to at the cal last funeral home in edgewater. he will be laid to rest right next door at arlington national cemetery. you know what the highlight of the summer was for gary from lettering -- glen burnie? some of his puppies wandered out and someone stole four of his puppies. he and his wife are extremely upis the and called us knowing that abc 2 viewers always come
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through. >> the level of a person who would steal someone's pets. two had collars on them. >> gary is offering a $500 reward. a 27-year-old boater from philadelphia who fell overboard near gibson is still missing. both the man and his dwoif fell into the water. the girlfriend was rescued but crews are trying to search for wyman. the republicans had their turn in tampa last week. now it's the democrat's turn. on his road to charlotte tour, the president has been defending his economic policy. >> on thursday night i will offer what i believe is bet are path, a path that will create good jobs and strengthen our middle class and grow our economy. >> well, the spotlight of the
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opening night will be on the first lady. political analysts said she needs to convince vote ares that her husband is the right person. the keynote speaker is san antonio mayor julian castro. governor o'malley will list accomplishments. his band, o'malley's march, will play at several gigs in charlotte this week. for those young are than 20, this is the way this used to be. every september we would be hanging on every pitch. can't wait for the first pitch tonight. can't wait for the yankees series that starts on thursday. >> reporter: believe it or not, orioles tickets are a hot
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commodity. >> i haven't really seen anything like it, so we're look forward to getting out here. >> reporter: with only 13 home dates remaining and a realistic shot at post season play, orioles fans are scooping up the remaining seats. not a single ticket remains for thursday's game which will honor cal ripken, jr. >> hopefully they'll move up to first, knock the yankees out of first place. >> no i'm a yankee. >> reporter: next door to oriole park, they see this as a big time baltimore weekend. >> we have pour baltimore ravens -- our baltimore ravens playing almost at the same time. >> reporter: the stars of abc's tv's ball boys like the fact that these orioles aren't exactly household names.
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>> most don't know who nate or luke are. these guys are coming out of the blue. >> people are asking for oriole stuff. now they're flying out of here. >> reporter: an original memorial stadium seat. now stand as cal ripken neighborhood feel and just across the road, linwood jones watch and he said don't sell this new oriole team short. >> don't think we're going to make it to the championship. but who knows. we came this far. we're doing good. we just might make the championship. >> reporter: in baltimore, him rutherford, abc2 news. coming up at 6:00 tonight we'll tell you about the
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legendary evening. it will be held at the hilton. so stick around at 6. it feels like september 1997 all over. a lot has changed. back then the ravens were getting ready to play the bengals, but it was memorial stadium. the average price for gas back then was $1.23. steve jobs just within the back to apple in 1997. dollly the first successfully cloned sheep. titantic. seinfeld was number one on television and the number one song in september 1997 was no money, no problems by notorious big. on monday night when the
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ravens open their season, tonight we look at the danger of cheering. we are sorting fact from fiction on political ads. there's an app for that. stay with us.
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it is september. we're still cheering for the orioles. keep in mind you could be doing some harm to your voice. >> reporter: what would a game be like without enthusiastic fans. so it's not surprising that many of these fanatics can lose their voice. doctors find they could be seriously injurying their vocal chords in the process. >> you can cause significant damage to your vocal chords.
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that can occur with one yell. >> reporter: that clan lead to serious damage. >> it will either produce a hemorrhage that will go away or a hemorrhagic polyp that must be surgically removed. >> reporter: how do you know if you damage your vocal chords. >> you'll hear your voice crack or get raspy. that should be your clue. >> reporter: what should you do to save them. physician recommend to keep quiet. drink water. before the game., warm up the once you warm up, yell with one blast,. >> yelling and saying words is hard are than holding a tone like a singer. >> reporter: if you have hoarseness that lasts 24 hours or longer, you may need therapy or surgery to correct the problem. it all depends on how enthuse as
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tick you've been. you can cheer softly. you're moving on to your purple wardrobe. i saw a guy walking down the street, had an orioles jacket and ravens at -- hat. email your photos at pix at or share away at go there right now. all right. start off with a look at maryland's most powerful radar. we do see some rain coming in south of annapolis redding over kent island. also tillman island. most of us are sitting dry, maybe a real light shower in the vicinity of glen burnie. it's been a mix of sun and
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clouds. on the whole an improve m check out the current conditions at bwi. 86 degrees. humidity at 59%. the dew point tells the tale. that is some muggy air. the days are getting shorter so much faster. we're still in summer for another two weeks president sun sets at 7:30. annapolis, blue skies at times today. one of our sunniest spots but the clouds fighting back into the picture. each day through thursday we'll see a thicker batch of cloud cover with the heating of the day. kent island same scenario. you see the clouds billowing up, more so in the afternoon. still a few people at the beach after labor day and mostly cloudy skies. humid conditions, temperatures now in the upper 80s. with that south breeze, not a lot of relief because that's a very warm southerly breeze, but
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still something to stir the air. the pattern here is one of mostly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks, especially in southern maryland. that's the area we've seen a few showers break out. any isolated showers that break out over the next few hours could develop into a fairly heavy downpowmplet the bulk of the moisture arrives in earnest overnight. wednesday will feature most of the leftover moisture from the remnants of what was hurricane and tropical storm isaac. that low will drift further south. our front will begin to push in toward the day on thursday, and that will mean the possibility of some more showers. another humid day thursday. but as the front comes in, that will clear us out. friday looks great. the good weather should hold until the first part of our saturday and perhaps into saturday afternoon. tropical satellite active with tropical storm leslie churning in the open south atlantic
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waters, a slow moving system, just crawling out here, still expecting a lot of intense if ication and expecting bermuda to be threatened by a hurricane. if you have interest or perhaps a travel plan to bermuda, this could be a tough time to g otherwise, leslie not posing a threat. overnight 74. showers humid. yes, a few storms in the mix. tomorrow 87, possibility for more tropical showers. we will have a better shot through the day. today we got quite a break in the action. tomorrow night still lingering showers possible. we begin to dry out. we could sew a few showers earlier in the day. we should dry out. that should hold up into the early part of the day. sunday into monday another system diving through. that could mean showers most likely will be on sunday for the most part. some of the showers, i hate to say, could linger into early
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monday, optimistic we'll get them out for the season opener at m&t bank stadium. >> thursday for the yankees game. >> is it a 1:00? >> 7. >> evening game. i think we're all right. it's good time to be a kid with a loose tooth. all right. according to a survey from visa, kids found an average of $3 per tooth and their pillow this year. that's a 15% increase from last year. child psychologists, though, are warning about overpaying for teeth because they say excessive rewards for the tooth fairy could distort the child's perception of money. if you need a calculation, visit vi is a because they have lawn -- vis visa because they have launched a tooth pricing app.
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katie premieres right here on abc2. we've been getting to know katie over the past few months. you'll get to know -- know her more. today she talks about what you'll see. >> i'm also someone who likes to have fun and likes to see the humor in things. i think i'm an extremely empathetic person. i think people will see all the different sides i have. all of us are multidimensional. sometimes we're in jobs that only allow us to see one side, so i think people will be seeing so many sides of me and will know me as a full human being. >> who doesn't love katie. here's your afternoon lineup starting spt the 10 -- september
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10th. we are not moving general hospital. that's at three, katie at four and abc2 news. check the scale. why their wait may have something to do with their challenging subject. >> and look who's raising the grown flag today, ray rice. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at
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one in 12 people and the age of 18 have what's call the metabolic syndrome, a combination of obesity, high blood pressure, prediabetes and other risks. teens with this syndrome score
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significantly lower on math and spelling exams. researchers say it's a warning for all families. even a few years could cause brain complications. let's go up to norchght the proposed ban on super sides sugary drinks received a lot of criticism. weight watchers, jenny craig and others are in support of the ban. physicians and elected officials adpre this is a way to feet obesity. those who oppose it say it's limiting personal freedom. is your place for all the health news you nee.d all you have to do is log on and check ot the page. you'll find today's health headlines to help you find the information you and your family need. the cleanup from hurricane isaac is still doing on along
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the gulf coast. >> you pay a premium for organic food. find out if it's healthier for you. retailers are thinking about holiday shopping. how toys 'r us wants us to get a head start. we'll be right back with the 5:30 news. ñ[= ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ there's another way to help erase litter box odor. purina tidy cats. only tidy cats has odor erasers. making it easy to keep things at home... just the way you want them. tidy cats with odor erasers.
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a pair of teens are in police custody. the teens were allegedly concocting a substance to sell to other kids to huff or get high. it caused the area t be evacuated. the mother of one of the boys said she is grateful he was arrested. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest involving two fires

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